Open positions within TREX Center of Excellence in Exascale Computing

We invite applications within the European Center of Excellence TREX – “Targeting Real chemical accuracy at the EXascale”.

TREX federates European scientists, HPC stakeholders, and SMEs to develop and apply quantum mechanical simulations in the framework of quantum Monte Carlo. This methodology encompasses various techniques at the high-end in the accuracy ladder of electronic structure approaches and is uniquely positioned to fully exploit the massive parallelism of the upcoming exascale architectures. A main focus is the development of a user-friendly and open-source software platform in the domain of stochastic quantum chemistry simulations, which enables the convergence of high-performance and high-throughput computing. 

Postdoc candidates should have a PhD in chemistry, physics, or a closely related field, with a good understanding of methods in quantum chemistry or condensed matter physics, and a strong interest in method and software development. Software engineers should have a strong background in high-performance computing and, preferably, some knowledge of quantum mechanics. 


Currently we don't have Open Positions available.