TREX Training and Educational Programme

TREX offers an outreach programme to foster the use of the developed HPC codes by developers and users communities and to engage and forge a new generation of highly-skilled computational scientists.

TREX structured training and educational activities cover different facets from technical support to the end-users of the TREX software, hands-on training for code users from academia and industry, and hands-on workshops to forge a new generation of code developers.


TREX Training Offer

Workshops and summer schools

On 12-16 July 2021, TREX is organising a joint e-summer school in partnership with the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA, Italy) and with the Psi-K network.

 TREX-SISSA Summer School, 12-16 July 2021 - presentations and recordings


TREX organises different hackathons with clear focus and defined objectives  with multiple stakeholders

TREX Build-system Hackathon I, 8-12 November 2021 - presentations and recordings

TREX Hackathon II- 28 February - 3 March 2022 - presentations and recordings

Satellite and co-located events

TREX is leveraging on well exploited events to reach a large number of users inside the relevant communities. The synergies stemming from these events are also high valuable for TREX  future activities

Where to meet TREX - Discover the HPC events


While engaging people with workshops is temporarily not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, webinars constitute an exceptional chance to reach out to potential users in Europe and beyond. TREX organises tailored webinar cycles on specific teaching or training topics in HPC and QMC.

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Who is the training for 

Academic end users in HPC and quantum simulations. Students, master students, postdocs, researchers and code developers in HPC and applied chemistry at universities and research centres, working for supercomputer centers, members of HPC and Domain-specific Codes Communities, experimental laboratories, and CoEs, are welcome to TREX training events. Trainers, Managers of academic curricula and courses are also  involved in target train-the-trainers activities to target training/skills development, improvement of the capacity building and education programme for (academic and non-academic) users in quantum chemical simulations and HPC applications. 

Members of the European HPC ecosystem, the other Centres of Excellence on HPC are involved in technical and co-design documentation production and testing suites, in the organisation of hands-on workshops and schools for users and developers. In particular, collaboration with the broad HPC ecosystem is fundamental to maximise benchmarks for improving future HPC infrastructure and contribute to the EuroHPC strategy.

Hardware manufacturers and industrial players. Ad-hoc training can be organised on specific use cases coming from the manufacturer’s market to  provide guidelines for industrial players on how to design hardware products compliant with the TREX platform.